Make legal advice accessible, immediate and affordable for everyone, anywhere and anytime.


As we started families and grew our professional carriers, we had more demanding legal needs, from buying a new family home to helping the grandparents with their will. Every time we dealt with a lawyer, we both struggled and felt there was just no effective, transparent way for consumers to get legal advice today. Finding the right lawyer was a daunting task, engaging with the lawyer was time consuming, manual and required us being in their office, having to adjust childcare and work to the lawyer’s schedule. Price was always an unknown until the bill finally arrived and that often was large.

So in 2017, we started JustVice to solve this problem and help consumers get legal advice in a more accessible and affordable way. JustVice offers consumers the ability to search and compare lawyers based on their detailed profiles, reviews and fee information. The platform then supports consumers and lawyers in a digital way to get to the legal answer, through digital document exchange and voice, as well as video chat. With reduced marketing and administrative costs for lawyers, JustVice also helps them to drive down their costs, enabling lower fees being charged to consumers.

Above all, we want to empower every person to legal advice, so that you can live your life without having to worry about the details.

Founder Team

Moritz von Butler

Co-founder | CEO

Patrick Schwientek, Ph.D.

Co-founder | CTO

David Jacobs

General Counsel