There is massive demand for legal advice...

UK adults faced a legal problem in the last 3 years
Each of the
Small business faces 8 legal issues every year
Combined this creates nearly
legal issues every year

According to a recent study conducted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) over 50% of UK adults, over 26m consumers, faced a legal problem in the last three years and each of the 5.6m small businesses faces an average of 8 legal issues every year.¹ Combined, this creates nearly 54m legal problems per year.

With the UK population growing by 3.6m in the next 10 years and regulations, such as GDPR, penetrating the everyday life ever more, these numbers will increase sharply over the coming decade.

This creates a massive need for legal advice from a large majority of the consumers and small businesses in the UK.

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...but over 70% of people with legal problems do not seek professional advice

2 in 3
people with legal problems do not seek formal advice
9 in 10
small businesses do not take formal advice
Combined this leaves only
legal issues addressed by formal advice every year

The same study found that despite the massive need for legal advice, only a small percentage actually seek help from solicitors.

Nearly 70% of consumers with legal problems do not seek formal advice and 90% of businesses with legal issues do not take advice from a solicitors.¹ This means only 7m of the total 54m or so legal issues in the UK being addressed by professional legal advice.

So while there is a record number of solicitors and paralegals in the UK, only a small fraction of the many million legal issues actually make it to these professionals.

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Key barrier to legal advice is the outdated legal business model

of people do not know their legal rights
2 in 3
people feel that legal services are too expensive¹
of small businesses see legal services as unaffordable¹

This leaves the vast majority, over 85%, of the 54m or so legal issues in the UK unaddressed by professional legal advice.

This massive disconnect between legal needs not being met and the number of legal experts continuously increasing is a challenge. It leaves the largest market segment of consumers under- or completely unserved, with a huge market opportunity being completely dormant, while solicitors in many parts of the country have a difficult time staying profitable.

Some providers set out to offer legal review or quote comparison to tackle this challenge; however, this is not addressing the problem itself. The real market failure is caused by the outdated legal business model, making the process of getting legal advice difficult to navigate and expensive.

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How Justvice solves this problem

  1. We bring the legal needs of millions of people together on a single platform
  2. Through the use of advanced technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we help people with legal problems to navigate the legal process, get affordable answers to standard questions and find the right lawyer for more complex problems.
  3. With the simple and low margin problems solved by our self-service advice, solicitors can now focus on solving complex legal issues. Our digital communication channels, such as secure video and voice calls, appointment scheduling and only payment ensure that solicitors can focus on giving advice, rather than worrying about administration work. This allows them to provide the best advice at a competitive rate.


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